False Alarms with Virtual Center 2.5

Since I enabled alarms in VirtualCenter on 10/07/2008 we have encountered 14 seperate false alarms regarding host connectivity.

Here’s the alarm:

Target: hostname.goes.here

Old Status: Green
New Status: Red

Current value:
Host connection state – (State = Not responding)

Alarm: Host connection state
([Red State Is Equal To notResponding])

Alarm Host connection state on hostname.goes.here changed from Green to Red

Here’s what we went through with support.

  • Sending Diagnostics from VC
  • Found out we are running an unsupported HBA (QLA4010’s are not supported in ESX 3.5, but in ESX 3) … this was frustrating because we have seen that they will work with ESX 3.5 elsewhere from VMware
  • Advised to up the Service Console RAM to 800 MB from 272 MB

We haven’t been seeing false alarms since.

One thought on “False Alarms with Virtual Center 2.5

  1. We have the same issue with our ESX 3.5 servers.
    Our HBA is QLA2432 and Service console RAM is 384 MB.
    I thought this was a network issue and not RAM or HBA related?
    Should I increase console RAM?

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