VMware’s VCP Certification, my $0.02

It started with Eric Siebert’s open letter to VMware making this suggestion:

6. Relax the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certification requirements. I shouldn’t have to take a class to become a VCP, if I have the knowledge and experience to pass the VCP exam that should be enough. Many qualified people can’t afford to take a class just so they can take the test.

Amen. Then Dave Lawrence, the VMguy responded, making a few points about the certification requirements.

One of my readers wrote in (Thanks Jay!) and disagreed with this one and I do as well. My reader, Jay, reminded me of the integrity of the exam and how that must be maintained. He told me how VMware should keep it the way it is to avoid “good test takers”. He also reminded me of the girl who got her MCP at age 9 . Sheesh, really!?! (and I failed my first one, that makes me feel good.)

Did any company hire the 9 year old girl who got her MCP? Probably not.

Is the MCP still a worthwhile certifications? Do employers still value it? Yes & yes.

He summarizes (emphasis his):

Your certification should be a challenge in the form of effort, know how and experience. I think that VMware wants to be certain that the test takers have actually seen and used the product at least once. Perhaps the MCP should do the same so 4th graders are not getting their certifications.

Training != Real Experience. How is this enhancing the VCP certification’s value?

I don’t have the money to pay for the class myself right now. It’s difficult to justify the cost to my employer since we already purchased a jumpstart where we installed and configured VI3. My employer can comp the exam costs, but I can’t take it without additional training that I can’t justify.

If the experience has to be there to create value in the VCP program, why does it have to be such a specific kind?

My correspondence with VMware:

I have attended a training session entitled “VMware Jumpstart” – does this qualify me to take the VCP exam?

VMware’s response:

Hi Andy,

The jumpstart class is not a VCP qualifying class. Only the classes listed below meet the requirement.

1. VI 3: Install and Configure

2. VI 3: Deploy Secure and Analyze

3. VI 3: Fast Track

Without completion of one of these classes you will not be certified. Class must be taken with VMware or one of VMware’s authorized training partners to be counted. All authorized class can be found at http://www.vmware.com/education.

Boo, VMware. Boo. That’s my $0.02 since I don’t have at least $3000 available to qualify for the VCP.