New Direction

About a month ago I moved to Texas to take on a new exciting opportunity and work on cloud computing with Rackspace. While I will no longer be working on VMware products as a part of my day to day, the virtualization concepts are largely the same. With such a large personal and professional change, a rebooting of Virtual Andy is necessary.

Virtual Andy’s new direction can be summarized with a paraphrased interview with Paul Maritz:

Asked guys how many system admins per server Google used, came back to 1 to 1000…VMware ratio was 1:20 or 1:50…have to get to point where enterprises, regardless of where they are consuming IT, have to do it at similar level of efficiency to free up operations spend… If they can’t free up resources they won’t be able to address the legacy code bases

So what’s all of this mean for the site? 

It means exploring new technologies and new tools which will enable sysadmins to do more with less. It means helping sysadmins pitch these tools internally to benefit the business. It means arming sysadmins with the tools to move their organizations to the next generation of technology.