Next Generation Knowledge Resources

In 2009 on version 1 of this site I made a post entitled “VMware Knowledge Resources” outlining some of the strategies I used to find knowledge for becoming a successful VMware Administrator.

It’s only appropriate to roll a similar post for version 2. DevOps and Cloud Computing can be very overwhelming for the uninitiated. Where do you go for help? How do you get help? How do you even begin to phrase questions appropriately?

  1. DevOps Weekly – excellent weekly newsletter which culls through a lot of the social media noise and posts quality articles and tools.
  2. Rackspace CloudU – conceptual overview of terms like IaaS, PaaS, and how they fit together in the cloud.
  3. Chef Guides / Puppet Documentation – configuration management is a big topic in the DevOps movement- Chef and Puppet are the leaders in this space.
  4. Social Media and GitHub – social coding
  5. Rails Tutorial / Ruby Koans – next generation tools are written with next generation languages. CloudFoundry, Chef, Puppet are written in Ruby- if you are not familiar with Ruby (or Python) it is well worth your time to dive into a next generation language.