Home Lab setup


  • Dell XPS 8500
  • Intel i5
  • RAM + SSD upgrades from Crucial
  • Local Storage (1T)


  • Fedora Core 18 (base OS)
  • VirtualBox
  • Vagrant
  • DevStack
  • XenServer 6

I’m setting up a home lab to do some light coding on OpenStack and for testing implementations of next generation software/hardware deployment tools like BOSH and Razor.


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  1. Bitchin rig.

    We’re going to derploy Razor in my place of work in the next few weeks – it’d be nice to have it already up-and-running for all the new builds but alas, spending time qualifying a technology in lieu of actually doing something isn’t good for business.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on Bosh!

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