Home Lab setup


  • Dell XPS 8500
  • Intel i5
  • RAM + SSD upgrades from Crucial
  • Local Storage (1T)


  • Fedora Core 18 (base OS)
  • VirtualBox
  • Vagrant
  • DevStack
  • XenServer 6

I’m setting up a home lab to do some light coding on OpenStack and for testing implementations of next generation software/hardware deployment tools like BOSH and Razor.


One thought on “Home Lab setup

  1. Bitchin rig.

    We’re going to derploy Razor in my place of work in the next few weeks – it’d be nice to have it already up-and-running for all the new builds but alas, spending time qualifying a technology in lieu of actually doing something isn’t good for business.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on Bosh!

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