Personal Backups with Duply


A month or two ago I finally went through all the old hard drives I’ve accumulated over the past decade. I mounted each of the disks and moved a bunch of files onto my desktop’s drive. There were lots of photos from the drives that I don’t want to lose so I decided to get a little more serious about backups.

I decided to give Duply a go. Duply is a wrapper for duplicity, which underneath it all uses the tried and trusted rsync.

  • Multiple Locations – I have duply configured to send various data to a USB Drive, Swift (Rackspace Cloud Files), and Another Server. These are easily configured with the .duply/backup scheme. 
  • Encrypted – duply works with GPG encryption
  • Customizable – duply has pre/post hooks which I leverage for notifications on backup success/failures 
  • Efficient – duply is capable of doing incremental backups and using compression

I’ve been really happy with testing restores with duply as well.

An example process that I have setup is as follows:

On my desktop system’s power resume, run an incremental backup to Swift. Notify on start and finish of the backups.

It required a little bit of Python and BASH to accomplish this but I’m happy with the end result. The scripts I used are published to Github under andyhky/duply-scripts. Getting started/installation are in the README.