On Working Remote

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In late March I relocated from San Antonio, TX to Lexington,
KY. Same awesome job just with a twist…REMOTE WORK!

I am mainly collaborating via IRC, tmux, 1:1/M:M TeamSpeak, and 1:1/M:M video conferencing.

My takeaways after the first month:

  • Obvious, but it took me a while: When you’re talking, LOOK AT THE CAMERA – multiple monitors and a MacBook make this a little awkward
  • Quality matters: appropriate microphones & video, particularly conference rooms, make a huge difference. Recommend Yeti for conference rooms and Samson Meteor for individuals
  • tmux is great but not great for everything… for long massive jobs redirect the output to a file and just have everyone tail -f the file
  • Google Hangouts Keyboard Shortcuts



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