Office Ergonomics Review

Recently, I had a fair amount of back / neck pain. This surprised me since at $PREVJOB I was measured by a certified ergonomist and given measurements that were suitable for that setup.

I realized that it’d been several years since I was at $PREVJOB, and my desk and its contents have changed considerably. It was time to remeasure!

Some sites that helped me regain some comfort:

Ergonomic Office: Calculate optimal height of Desk, Chair / Standing Desk: This site has loads of graphics, calculators and details setting up a traditional desk as well as a standing desk.

Standing Height Calculator: While the Ergonomic Office site had recommendations for standing desk height, they differed from this site’s. This site had a better desk height calculation for me.

CBS News: Standing desk dilemma: Too much time on your feet? This article has lots of standing desk specific information that was useful about how to stand (and how not to stand). (via r/standingdesk)

The most surprising change for me was the 20 degree monitor adjustment that a few of the sites mention. This is a bit more important for folks that wear specific types of glasses like I do.

Finally, don’t forget about ergonomics in the car. During the holidays I had a lot of back pain but I wasn’t at my desk… I was driving a lot more than normal. I found this illustration by Lee Sullivan to be useful: