PlanetV12n: My VMware RSS Feed Wish List

Here’s my PlanetV12n Wish List (in no particular order):

  1. Provide feed customization. Strategy/Administration/Business Case/etc. Virtualization has turned into an extremely broad topic. Too much noise in the feed reader is a loss of value to PlanetV12n.
  2. Provide more virtualization related feeds from vendors like EMC, NetApp, Dell, and IBM.
  3. Require full articles. If there is resistance on this, just politely remind publishers that advertising is available via RSS
  4. Give us the option of having OPML output of PlanetV12n. Personally, I would prefer OPML-only, it gives users more control over what feeds they want to see. OPML can be imported into almost any feed reader. Lots of the bloggers on PlanetV12n are very interested in their subscriber statistics. Being published on PlanetV12n drives those numbers down.

My ideal setup for PlanetV12n, a form to generate an OPML file I can add to Google Reader. VMware’s site is full of these forms, so adding another can’t be that bad right? ;-)

Select your role within IT: (checkboxes) Business / Strategy / Administration / Performance / Disaster Recovery / Evangelist / etc.

Tell us about your VMware Products: (checkboxes) ESX / ESXi / Workstation / Fusion / etc

Tell us about your vendors: IBM / Dell / NetApp / EMC / etc

… the list goes on. This could be useful for VMware’s marketers as well as end users.